Types of Dog Bites – Houston Dog Bite Attorney

According to Scott Sceaffer, The Dog Behavior Specialist, there are six variations of dog bites differing by the level of severity of injury inflicted upon the victim:

Level 1 – Houston Dog Bite Attorney
Characterized by aggressive behavior that does not necessarily result in teeth on skin contact. It may be that the dog is simply trying to scare the victim away.

Level 2 – Houston Dog Bite Attorney
Teeth on skin contact that does not result in a puncture wound. These dogs are taking the marking of their territory a bit more serious with extremely aggressive behavior.

Level 3 – Houston Dog Bite Attorney
Puncture wounds from a single bite. One to four wounds resulting in injuries no deeper than half the length of the canine’s teeth. This type of dog obviously presents a clear and present danger to any animal or human who comes in contact with it.

Level 4 – Houston Dog Bite Attorney
One to four puncture wounds from a single bite resulting from a dog bite injury where the punctures are more than half the length of the canine’s teeth. Deeper and significant injury results from the dog biting down on the victim and shaking the limb. Deep bruising may occur and significant tissue damage. This type of bite is prevalent in guard dogs and those historically bred for fighting such as pit bulls, rottweilers, german sherpherds, etc…

Level 5 – Houston Dog Bite Attorney
Multiple level four bites. Can lead to permanent and significant injury to the human or animal victim.

Level 6 – Houston Dog Bite Attorney
The animal or human dies as a result of the dog bite/attack.