Amputation Houston Dog Bite Attorney

Amputation Houston Dog Bite Attorney

Generally speaking, amputation is the loss or removal of a limb or extremity as the result of either a surgical procedure or catastrophic injury. The loss may be a toe, finger, or something as large as a arm or leg. There are approximately 1.8 million Americans living with amputations. The most common type of amputation is the loss of the limb at or below the knee.

If you have lost a limb or extremity due to a dog bite or animal attack, it is very likely that you have endured extreme pain and suffering in the way of blood loss, tissue damage, emotional scarring, the ability to conduct your daily affairs as you would the dog bite, and other legally significant damages.

How Do Dog Bites Lead To Amputation? – Amputation Houston Dog Bite Attorney
1. The infection from the dog bite may have spread so much that the limb or extremity was unable to be cured.

2. The limb or extremity may have suffered such significant damage that it cannot be reattached.

Amputation Houston Dog Bite Attorney – Fighting for Dog Bite Victims Across Texas
An amputation is a debilitating injury that requires rehabilation and adjustment of lifestyle. Additionally, the medical bills from such an injury can be massive. In the event of such an injury you will need an attorney who focuses on this type of injury to assist you in seeking compensation for your present and future suffering. Amputation Houston Dog Bite Attorney RJ Alexander Law, PLLC is skilled at effectively dealing with insurance companies and owners of dogs who carelessly cause injury to others. Call today for a free consultation at (832) 458-1756. I am always here for you and focus on winning each and every case.