Bullmastiff Houston Dog Bite Lawyer

Bullmastiff Houston Dog Bite Lawyer

History – Bullmastiff Houston Dog Bite Lawyer
The Mastiff descends from one of the most ancient types of dogs, the molosser, which probably originated in the mountains of Asia, perhaps in Tibet or northern India. Depictoins of Mastiff-type dogs appear in the human record throughout the ages, in Egyptian, Babylonian and cloassical Greek civilizations. Archaelogists excavating the palace of the Babylonian ruler Ashurbanipal uncovered bas-reliefs sdating to the seventh century BCE — more than 2,500 years ago — of a Mastiff-type dog fighting lions.

Height and Weight – Bullmastiff Houston Dog Bite Lawyer
The minimum height for a male Mastiff is 30 inches at the shoulder; for females, it is 27.5 inches. Weight ranges from 130 pounds to 220 pounds or more.
Attacking Tendencies – Bullmastiff Houston Dog Bite Lawyer

Behavior – Bullmastiff Houston Dog Bite Lawyer
Temperament is affected by a number of factors, including heredity, training, and socialization. Puppies with nice temperaments are curious and playful, willing to approach people and he held by them. Mastiffs dislike conflict between family members and will step between arguing spouses or a parent punishing a child. The Mastiff is a sensitive dog who can become shy, fearful, or aggressive if mishandled. Never treat your Mastiff roughly or allow anyone else, including children, to do so.

Many breeders say that the Mastiff has the strongest jaw. Reportedly, the Mastiff has a bite force of 552 pounds. If true, this would make it stronger than any other domesticated dog on record.

Interaction with Children – Bullmastiff Houston Dog Bite Lawyer
If Mastiffs are not properly trained and socialized they may develop aggression toward other animals, and their size and strength makes them dangerous if they don’t know how to interact with them. Mastiffs are large, active dogs and can accidentally knock a toddler down with a swipe of the tail. They’re best suited to homes with older children. Bear in mind as well that Mastiffs are no tponies, and children cannot ride them. Your Mastiff can be injured if children try to ride him. No dog should ever be left unsupervised with a child.

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