Alaskan Malamute Houston Dog Bite Lawyer

Alaskan Malamute Houston Dog Bite Lawyer

History – Alaskan Malamute Houston Dog Bite Lawyer
One of the oldest Artic sled dogs, the Alaskan Malamute’s forebears crossed the land bridge from Siberia to Alaska with native peoples thousands of years ago. One tribe, known as the Mahlemuts, settled in the northeastern area of the Seward Pennisula and it’s there that the Alaskan Malamute was developed. The dogs were used to hunt seals, chase away polar bears, and pull heavy sledges loaded with food or camp supplies.

Height and Weight – Alaskan Malamute Houston Dog Bite Lawyer
Males stand 25 inches high at the shoulder and should weight about 85 pounds; females tend to stand 23 inches high and weight about 75 pounds. However, it’s not unusual for a well-muscled adult to top 100 pounds. In rare instances, so-called “giant” versions top 140 pounds, but the Malamute body is not designed to carry excess weight.

The Alaskan Malamute possesses tremendous strength, energy, endurance, independence, and intelligence. He was originally sought to pull heavy sleds over long distances as well as to hunt seals and polar bears. Now chosen primarily for companionship, Alaskan Malamutes succeed in several dog sports, including conformation, obedience competition, weight pulling, skijoring, backpacking, and recreational sledding.

Attacking Tendencies – Alaskan Malamute Houston Dog Bite Lawyer
Their high prey drive can cause a Malamute to stalk and kill small animals, including birds, squirrels, cats, and even smaller dogs. They need to be properly socialized and introduced to other companion animals.

Behavior – Alaskan Malamute Houston Dog Bite Lawyer
Not recommended for the first time dog owner as their intelligence combined with stubbornness can make them a challenge for someone not savvy in dog behavior. Malamutes will challenge for alpha or top position in the household. Everyone who lives with the dog must be able to properly deal with this and clearly establish all family members as higher ranking than the Malamute. This dog is a powerful, independent dog who, if not properly trained or exercised, can become destructive or bored.

Interaction with Children – Alaskan Malamute Houston Dog Bite Lawyer
Malamutes are patient with children and love the attention they get from them, but fast-growing, energetic Alaskan Malamute puppies can easily overpower a young child under age 5. In their exuberance, they can knock a child over.

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